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Fly Tying

Beginners Fly Tying Material Kit


This well thought out materials kit has been sourced to complement the Fly Tying for Beginners book .There are enough materials including hooks to tie lots of flies of all of the patterns in the book and gives an excellent insight into what makes...

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Boar Bristles


  These specially selected bristles are excellent for 'pig' type salmon flies . They have beautifully split ends and are of the correct stiffness to maintain the necessary shape . Colour Natural

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    Highly stretchable material for nymph bodies and shell backs Colours: Black , Brown , Clear , Cinnamon , Olive , Pink , Red , Yellow

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  Large whole tails Colours : Natural white/brown , Black , Orange , Red , Yellow , Claret , Purple , Chartreuse , Green Highlander , Blue , Fl. Pink 

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Cactus Chenille


  Made from 15mm Flashabou fibres Colours: Black , Chartreuse , Fl.Pink , Gold , Green , Olive , Orange , Peach , Red , Silver . Sunburst , White/Pearl , Yellow

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Chinese Cock Necks


  These large necks have softer hackles suitable for salmon flies and larger wet patterns Colours: Black , Claret , Blue , Fl.Yellow , Hot Orange , Red , Yellow 

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Cock Neck Hackles


  Packeted loose cock neck hackles in natural and dyed colours in a variety of sizes Colours : Black , Brown Olive , Crimson , Dark Claret , Dark Olive , Fiery Brown , Ginger , Golden Olive , Magenta , Medium Olive , Natural Red Game , White ,...

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Deer Hair - Short and Fine


  Soft , tanned deer hair . Short and fine and ideal for tying small flies such as Comparaduns , small Muddlers and Humpies .   Colours : Black , Bleached , Natural Brown , Olive , Rusty Brown , Yellow

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Duck Wing Quills


  Duck wing quills , natural grey mallard or bleached and dyed . Colours : Nat. Grey , Black , Cinnamon , Orange , Red , Teal Blue , White , Yellow 10 quills per pack

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Eumer Brass Tube Fly Coneheads


  Bright coloured brass coneheads with a 2.1mm diameter hole , specifically made to fit Eumer small plastic tubing Sizes Small and Medium Colours: Black , Fl.Green , Fl.Red , Fl.Yellow , Gold , Silver 20 cones per pack

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Eumer Clear Plastic Tubing


  Ideal for conehead flies , 1m of clear plastic tubing comes supplied in 10 x 10 cm lengths . 4 diameters available : x-small , small , medium , large . Designed to fit together the x-small fits into the medium and small into the large ...

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Eumer Tubefly Tying Pin


  Specially designed tubefly tying pins which fit directly into standard vice jaws . Graduated needles in three sizes to securely hold all sizes of tubing . Small , Medium and Large  Price from £8.99

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