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Chinese Cock Necks


  These large necks have softer hackles suitable for salmon flies and larger wet patterns Colours: Black , Claret , Blue , Fl.Yellow , Hot Orange , Red , Yellow 

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Cock Neck Hackles


  Packeted loose cock neck hackles in natural and dyed colours in a variety of sizes Colours : Black , Brown Olive , Crimson , Dark Claret , Dark Olive , Fiery Brown , Ginger , Golden Olive , Magenta , Medium Olive , Natural Red Game , White ,...

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Duck Wing Quills


  Duck wing quills , natural grey mallard or bleached and dyed . Colours : Nat. Grey , Black , Cinnamon , Orange , Red , Teal Blue , White , Yellow 10 quills per pack

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Flybox Stripped Peacock Quills


Our Stripped Peacock Quills are delicately chemically-burned to remove 100% of the fluff from the quill.  The quills are then re-treated to replace essential oils which are reduced during the burning process to ensure the quills are not brittle and...

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Goose Biots


  Goose Biots bleached and dyed . Colours : Black , Fl.Green , Olive , Orange , Sunburst , White , Yellow , Chartreuse , Red

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Keough Half Cape Grade 2


Superb quality genetic half capes sourced from the USA . Ideally suited for dry flies these capes have a wide size range and will tie from size 22-2 with lots of useable feather . Half capes are a great way to buy genetic hackles when you don't want to...

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  Selected large Turkey Marabou feathers . Bleached and dyed Colours : Black , Brown , Fl.Green , Fl.Pink , Golden Olive , Olive , Orange , Red , Sunburst , White , Yellow

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