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    Highly stretchable material for nymph bodies and shell backs Colours: Black , Brown , Clear , Cinnamon , Olive , Pink , Red , Yellow

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Deer Hair - Short and Fine


  Soft , tanned deer hair . Short and fine and ideal for tying small flies such as Comparaduns , small Muddlers and Humpies .   Colours : Black , Bleached , Natural Brown , Olive , Rusty...

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Duck Wing Quills


  Duck wing quills , natural grey mallard or bleached and dyed . Colours : Nat. Grey , Black , Cinnamon , Orange , Red , Teal Blue , White , Yellow 10 quills per pack

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Fly-Tyers Dyes


  Specially prepared dyes for feathers , fur, or any natural fly tying material . The most widely used dyes in the field of fly tying they are simple and clean to use . Full instructions...

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Micro Glint Thread


A fine multi-strand iridescent thread which can be used for tying complete buzzers or ribbing small nymphs and dry flies. Fine enough to tie with and ideal for bodies and hot spots or sparkling...

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Seals Fur


  Genuine Seals Fur . Colours: Black , Blue Dun , Brown Olive , Chartreuse , Claret , Dark Olive , Fiery Brown , Ginger , Golden Olive , Grey , Light Claret , Light Olive , Natural , Olive ,...

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Sheer Ultrafine Thread


Ultrafine 14/0 fly tying thread . Remarkably strong for it's diameter and ideal for tiny flies , midge patterns and when build up is required to be kept to a minimum . 100m spools  

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