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Beginner's Guide To Fly Tying


This excellent and easy to follow book is aimed squarely at the complete beginner to fly-tying . The patterns in the book have been really well thought out to cover most major tying techniques and...

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   Highly stretchable material for nymph bodies and shell backs Colours: Black , Brown , Clear , Cinnamon , Olive , Pink , Red , Yellow , Fl.Yellow , Orange , Purple

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Deer Hair - Short and Fine


  Soft , tanned deer hair . Short and fine and ideal for tying small flies such as Comparaduns , small Muddlers and Humpies .   Colours : Black , Bleached , Natural Brown , Olive , Rusty...

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Female Bucktails generally have finer and softer hair than there male counterpart. Although smaller than the bucktail, the hair is by and large the same length. A great value tail, similar to Bucktail

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Duck Wing Quills


  Duck wing quills , natural grey mallard or bleached and dyed . Colours : Nat. Grey , Black , Cinnamon , Orange , Red , Teal Blue , White , Yellow 10 quills per pack

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Fly-Tyers Dyes


  Specially prepared dyes for feathers , fur, or any natural fly tying material . The most widely used dyes in the field of fly tying they are simple and clean to use . Full instructions...

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