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Floatants & Sinkants

Loon Lochsa


Lochsa is Loon's best ever gel floatant and provides maximun flotation without matting flies . It is perfect for use on any material including CDC and is temperature stable so will not melt in heat or harden when cold .

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Amadou Patch


  Amadou is a rare natural fungus with amazing absorbent properties . Dries out saturated flies without causing damage . Supplied in a leather holder fitted with a D ring .

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Loon Up and Down Kit


Two essential items in one package.Aquel floatant keeps dry flies riding high while Henry's Sinket takes care of the damp end of things.And theres a saving on buying individual bottles too !

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Loon Deep Soft Weight


User friendly alternative to adding split shot to the leader.Non-toxic tungsten putty softens in the hand and can be applied to leader in any position or shape suitable for achieving the desired method of presentation.Hardens in contact with cold...

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Loon Top Ride


Combination floatant and dessicant.Wide mouth bottle allows even large dry flies to be dunked.A quick shake and it's good to go.    

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Loon Aquel


Simple to apply and with no slick this high floating and long lasting gel is very temperature stable and contains odour masking pheramones.

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Mucilin Dry Fly Silicone


Dunk your fly , let it dry it for a moment and hey presto it does exactly what it says on the tin (or in this case bottle). Your fly floats . This stuff has been around for years and is still hugely popular. 

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Gehrke's Gink


Now almost the industry standard floatant it has become virtually a generic phrase to say your fly is "ginked" up.   Easy to apply Gel formula limits waste No need to wait until dry One dab keeps fly floating high  

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