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Line Treatments

Gehrke's Knot Perfect


Applying one drop of Knot Perfect before tightening will remove any slack from the knot , making it smaller , stronger and eliminating slippage which is the greatest cause of knot failure .

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Silicone Mucilin


Silicone paste line floatant.One of those products that seems to have been around forever it occupies a permanent and indispensible place in many anglers armouries.

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RIO Agent X


Specially formulated performance enhancing line dressing for all modern floating lines.Treated with Agent X your lines will cast further,float higher and last longer.  

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Loon Line Speed


We all know that we should look after our lines better.Treated with Line Speed they will shoot further and last a lot longer.Containing cleaners,conditioners and sunscreen to protect from UV rays. 

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