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Hair , Fur and Dubbing

Semperfli Kapok Dubbing


Kapok is the ultimate in dry fly dubbing . Beautifully fine and highly buoyant thanks to the natural hollow fibre it will help your dry flies float better than any other natural dubbing.

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Natures Spirit Badger Hair


Badger Hair is a classic fur for winging flies.  The guard hair is light at the base, with a dark midsection and light tip . The guard hair averages from two to three inches long, with the fur about an inch and a half.  The straight guard...

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Flybox Mosaic Dubbing


The very popular Mosaic Dubbing is great for adding some flash to black wet fly and nymph patterns . Hand blended mixes of Mosaic Dubbing with added flash . Ideal for bodies and under bodies . 

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Hare Dub Dispenser


   This fantastic selection of 12 great colours of natural hare fur blended with SLF has a huge range of uses. Supplied in a useful 12 compartment dispenser box .

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Wapsi Half Rabbit Skin Zonked


  Wapsi use only the best quality rabbit hides in their packaged zonked half skins .  Each is expertly soft-tanned and dyed in an array of colours with extra care taken during processing to ensure that colours consistently remain true to...

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Semperfli Intense Inferno Boar Bristles


Intense Inferno Boar Bristles Pressure dyed Biots for amazing dye penetration For feelers, tails, body wraps or as ribbing We use the finest straight Boar Bristles, pressure dye these for a deep dyed consistency ensuring top quality bbristles with...

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SLF Bug Dub


Now available Bug (Hare) Dub individual packets, all the colours from the Bug Dub Dispenser . Originally mixed by Davy Wooton this superb selection of natural hare blended with SLF has a huge range of uses . 

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Deer Hair - Short and Fine


  Soft , tanned deer hair . Short and fine and ideal for tying small flies such as Comparaduns , small Muddlers and Humpies .   Colours : Black , Bleached , Natural Brown , Olive , Rusty Brown , Yellow

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Supernatural Dubbing


Supernatural by Bann Valley Flies is a long fibred dubbing designed to create robust bodies and which can be easily picked out . Soft and easily dubbed , it is available in a range of 24 blended colours in a generous sized pack and is suitable for a...

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Natural Fur Dubbing Dispenser


  Natural Fur Dubbing in a 12 compartment dispenser box Beaver , Camel , Coyote Mask , Australian Opossum , Fox Squirrel , Grey Squirrel , Pine Squirrel , Lt.Hare's Mask , Dk.Hare's Mask , Olive Hare's Mask , Muskrat , Mink

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