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Hair , Fur and Dubbing

Boar Bristles


  These specially selected bristles are excellent for 'pig' type salmon flies . They have beautifully split ends and are of the correct stiffness to maintain the necessary shape . Colour Natural

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  Large whole tails Colours : Natural White , Black , Orange , Red , Yellow , Claret , Purple , Chartreuse , Green Highlander , Blue , Fl. Pink , Magenta , Peach , Fiery Brown , Olive , Grey

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Deer Hair - Short and Fine


  Soft , tanned deer hair . Short and fine and ideal for tying small flies such as Comparaduns , small Muddlers and Humpies .   Colours : Black , Bleached , Natural Brown , Olive , Rusty Brown , Yellow

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Flybox Mosaic Dubbing


The very popular Mosaic Dubbing is great for adding some flash to black wet fly and nymph patterns . Hand blended mixes of Mosaic Dubbing with added flash . Ideal for bodies and under bodies . 

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Fox Squirrel tails


Large barred fox squirrel tails . Natural , dyed black and bleached and dyed orange , red , yellow . Bleached and dyed fox squirrel tails are of limited availability . Natural £2.90  Dyed Black £3.99 Bleached and dyed colours...

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Natural Fur Dubbing Dispenser


  Natural Fur Dubbing in a 12 compartment dispenser box Beaver , Camel , Coyote Mask , Australian Opossum , Fox Squirrel , Grey Squirrel , Pine Squirrel , Lt.Hare's Mask , Dk.Hare's Mask , Olive Hare's Mask , Muskrat , Mink

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Natures Spirit Badger Hair


Badger Hair is a classic fur for winging flies.  The guard hair is light at the base, with a dark midsection and light tip . The guard hair averages from two to three inches long, with the fur about an inch and a half.  The straight guard...

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