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Hooks and Tubes

Eumer Clear Plastic Tubing


  Ideal for conehead flies , 1m of clear plastic tubing comes supplied in 10 x 10 cm lengths . 4 diameters available : x-small , small , medium , large . Designed to fit together the x-small fits into the medium and small into the large ...

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Fulling Mill Grab Gape Barbless


3x short shank with a wide gape . In smaller sizes great hook for tying nymphs and dry flies with the larger sizes suitable for wet flies , blobs and mini lures . Black nickel finish reduces flash and adds stealth Sproat bend Down eye Wide gape 3x...

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Kamasan B180


  Tapered and looped up eye salmon single hook . Black Japanned finish . Lightweight but very strong Sizes 6 - 12 25 hooks per pack

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Owner Stinger Treble


  Regarded by many as the best treble on the market , the Stinger is super strong and super sharp with a needle point for instant hook set . The narrow eye version is most suited as a tube fly treble and for shrimp/prawn baits . Black Chrome...

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Partridge Nordic Down-Eye Double


Strong Salmon Double Hook by Partridge of Redditch . Short shank pattern combining strength and hook setting properties . Ideal for modern hair wing patterns and Scandinavian style dressings . Black Nickel finish Sizes 6 - 10 10 hooks per...

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Partridge of Redditch Spider


Perfect hook pattern for spiders and soft hackle flies . The design is based on the famous Captain Hamilton bend but with a slightly shortened shank . Available sizes 12 - 16 25 hooks per pack      

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Partridge Patriot Salmon Double


    Designed for tying modern salmon and sea trout fly patterns the Patriot features a modified Dublin bend , up eye ,straight point and is forged for strength . Available in black nickel , silver and gold . Sizes 8 - 14 10 hooks per...

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