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Fly Fishing

We stock a wide range of fly fishing tackle with everything you could need , whether beginner or seasoned expert . As keen fly fishers ourselves we test and use our products extensively and know you can trust them to do exactly what they are designed to do . Wherever you fish, on river and stream, on lake, lough or reservoir, whether trying to outwit wily brownies , casting to cruising rainbows or delivering a perfect speycast to majestic salmon and sea-trout we have fly fishing tackle to help you achieve your goals.

Vision Hero Fly Reel


Affordable and cool-looking semi- machined reels with a silky smooth but powerful disc brake, consisting of five discs made from carbon and stainless steel. The smaller reels’ spools have an  easy and quick screw release system , whereas on...

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RIO Mainstream Trout Sinking


RIO Mainstream are affordable, high-performance fly lines that are designed to meet the needs of the average fly fisher , featuring slightly shorter heads and tapers to ensure performance under almost any conditions. Made at the RIO factory in...

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RIO Mainstream Trout Sink Tip


RIO Mainstream are affordable, high-performance fly lines that are designed to meet the needs of the average fly fisher , featuring slightly shorter heads and tapers to ensure performance under almost any conditions. Made at the RIO factory in...

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RIO Powerflex 9ft Trout Leader


POWERFLEX TROUT LEADERS help you cast better and fish more effectively.The powerful butt section provides unsurpassed wind penetration delivering efficient turnover , while the soft, flexible tippet delivers tiny dries with delicate precision. Advanced...

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Sage Sonic Switch Fly Rod


The SONIC Switch rods place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic Technology in both of your hands. The lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing wind resistance...

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Sage Sense Nymphing Fly Rod


The SENSE is designed specifically for the European Style Nymphing angler, with a rod that combines Euro Nymphing specific action, optimized components, and stealthy cosmetics to make the perfect tool for those looking to get the most out of their tight...

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Greys Tail Fly Reel


The new Greys Tail Fly Reel series sets a new benchmark in di-cast reel design, consisting of Freshwater and Allwater models . Constructed from durable di-cast aluminium the reels then undergo two separate machining processes to remove excess...

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Vision Onki Euronymph Outfit

£439.99 £359.99

This outfit is perfect for those anglers looking for a top quality Euronymphing setup . Available as either #3 or #4 weight the outfit is supplied with Vision Onki 10' rod , Vision Koma reel fitted with backing and loaded with Vision floating line to...

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Greys K4ST X Combo


Greys K4ST X combos feature a high quality fast action rod and Greys GTS300 aluminium large arbor fly reel fitted with a twin colour WF floating flyline and leader and is supplied in a handy travel case. Models to suit all trout fishing...

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Hardy Ultralite NSX Double Hand


The new Hardy Ultralite two-handed rods bring increased levels of feel, in-hand balance, and all-important fish fighting power when you need it most. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and line weights designed with application...

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Hardy Ultradisc Cassette


Bar stock aluminium frame and spool carrier Durable polycarbonate spool Hardy's lightest high performance cassette reel  Full disc drag Fast , secure and durable spool locking...

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RIO Mainstream Trout Floating


While many RIO products focus on the technical challenges of specific fishing situations, Mainstream lines are targeted to the overall needs of most fly fishers looking for a cost efficient, one line solution. Featuring slightly shorter heads and tapers...

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Vision Stillmaniac Cassette Reel


STILLMANIACS in mind we designed this modern cassette reel to suit today’s stillwater fishing. The reel balances perfectly our Stillmaniac rods but in addition to these, it is a great choice for your pike or single-handed salmon rod, or for...

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RIO Gold Premier


The RIO Gold is the ultimate all-round, floating line for the trout fly fisher and is built with "MaxFloat Tip" technology, RIO's proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular line tips, without any...

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Shakespeare Oracle EXP Salmon

£149.99 £99.99

This comprehensive range of salmon fly rods includes modern Scandinavian style actions in 6pc expedition versions. These rods display amazing quality, value and performance and will help to continue the famous Oracle legacy. High Modulus...

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Hardy Ultralite LL


Never before have light line and river specific anglers had so many advanced techniques to choose from. The surge in popularity around advanced European style and competition style techniques has to some degree left rod design behind...

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Vision Stillmaniac


The Vision Stillmaniac rods were designed together with our competition anglers and are extremely fast action rods especially made for stillwater fishing. The 9’9’’ #6 is a fast rod but more sensitive than its bigger brothers . This...

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Vision Hero


Being a hero on the water doesn't mean you have to break the bank with Hero rods. These affordable medium fast action rods have features for beginners as well as serious competition anglers. All of the rods are fine tuned for the type of fishing they are...

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Seaguar Grand Max Soft Plus


Seaguar Grand Max Soft-Plus is slightly softer than standard Grand Max and has a higher breaking strain per diameter. Soft-Plus knots easily and is entirely dependable using standard knots. 100yds per spool Size Breaking...

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Richard Wheatley Vacuum Rod Carrier


Travel to your fishing destination with the rods already setup. Move from one spot to another quickly without the need to break down your gear. Holds 4 rods comfortably with the vacuum suction cups attaching to the bonnet and roof of the vehicle.

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Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reel


The Vision XLV NYMPH Fly Reel is narrow with an ultra-large arbour for quick line retrieve. It has a full body rim preventing thin nymph lines slipping and causing jams and is fitted with a proper disc brake system which has been modified...

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Shakespeare Sigma Combo

£89.99 £79.99

These combos provide the fly angler with a complete fly outfit that is ready to fish. The performance and quality of the Sigma fly rods and reels are proven and we have matched the relevant rods with a WF fly line that matches them...

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Vision Pike Fly Outfit


The Vision Pike outfit is a true gem for the angler who wants to start catching predators . The lightweight but powerful rod casts the famous Grand Daddy line with such speed and ease that even the most experienced fishermen will be surprised. The sturdy...

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Vision Hero Switch


SWITCH HERO is a true all-round switch rod. It excels in bigger trout rivers as well as in mid-sized salmon rivers and is super easy and comfortable to cast. 11'2  #7 Medium fast action Light and sensitive Four piece rod High-modulus low...

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Vision Fisu


The well proven Fisu Fly Reel is surprisingly light for a full Aluminium reel in this price range. The mid-arbor format means plenty of room for backing while a smooth adjustable drag will come in handy when the big one gets hold. Easy right-left...

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Greys K4ST+ Combo


A high quality medium fast action rod and aluminium fly reel fitted with WF floating fly line and leader supplied in a handy travel case . 4 section, Medium fast action blank lined stripping guides and double leg snake...

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