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Backing & Loops

Blackridge Braided Mono Backing


Blackridge Braided mono is made from a very hard braided mono that has amazing shooting characteristics. The hollow weave construction enables super-glue splices and the material can also be used for forming braided loops. Available in a choice of black...

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Leeda Profil Backing


Good quality standard diameter backing suitable for use with all fly reels. Soft,supple and with good knot strength.   Available in three colours: Fluorescent orange Fluorescent yellow White 20lb breaking strain Supplied on 100m...

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RIO Welding Tubing


 RIO Welding Tubing is a heat shrink tubing which allows anglers to form strong , neat welded loops in the end of fly lines and sink tips . Two sizes of tubing are available , regular and large . Internal diameter of regular is 1/16" inch while...

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Vision Nano Loops


  Being much more compact than most loops on the market , Nano Loops offer a very small and neat connection to your flyline . Made from Vision's proven Nanomono material they will not jam in rod rings .   Supplied 4 per...

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Wychwood Truefly backing


Strong,fine diameter,braided dacron backing particularly suitable for large diameter and salmon reels.   Available in two colours: Hi-vis orange White  30lb breaking strain 200m spools 

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