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Thread,Floss,Tinsel, Wire and Braid

Micro Glint Thread


A fine multi-strand iridescent thread which can be used for tying complete buzzers or ribbing small nymphs and dry flies. Fine enough to tie with and ideal for bodies and hot spots or sparkling heads on lures or Salmon and Sea Trout patterns ...

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Semperfli Chadwick's 477 Substitute


Chadwicks original 477 has reached cult status ever since Frank Sawyer let lose his Sawyers Bug .The Semperfli team cried when their original card of Chadwicks 477 was cut up to ensure closest possible match! But we have produced a substitute which...

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Semperfli Cheeky UV


Originally developed as a material for buzzer cheeks , this thin UV plastic has turned out to be much more than that .  Great when used as a tinsel body wrap for completely vibrant fluorescent bodies or as ribbing and for bright fluorescent...

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Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 8/0


  Pre-waxed and ready to use with dubbing, fur and feather , Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread holds well on the hook and makes adding materials to flies simple with easy handling and dubbing . Available in a great range of essential colours this...

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Semperfli Medium Wire


Semperfli Medium Tying Wire Our 0.2mm wire is non tarnishing and ideal for wet flies , lures, streamers, salmon, saltwater and predator flies. Available in a range of colors to suit a multitude of patterns. Tie on and tie off with thread. Rather than...

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Semperfli Pure Silk


Semperfli have designed their pure silk based on the chart from Edmunds and Lee with colours closely matched to the original , making it perfect for authentic North Country spider patterns . It comes twisted so it can be used as a thread or...

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Semperfli Ultrafine Wire


Ultrafine Fly Tying Wire Semperfli  0.1mm wire is ultrafine , non tarnishing and because it is micro light can be used for even small dry flies.  Tie on and tie off with thread. Rather than cutting simply wiggle and it will break saving...

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Sheer Ultrafine Thread


Ultrafine 14/0 fly tying thread . Remarkably strong for it's diameter and ideal for tiny flies , midge patterns and when build up is required to be kept to a minimum . 100m spools  

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Uni Glo Floss


White 600 denier 'Glow in the dark' phosphorescent floss with advanced technology to glow brighter for longer . 15yds per reel

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UTC Mini Sparkle Braid


Braided fibres produce this mini braid . Excellent for forming bodies or tags and for ribbing on larger patterns or where a finer ribbing material gets lost in thick , dense body materials .

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UTC Ultra Wire


Soft non-tarnishing copper wire . Colours : Standard colours Type 1 : Amber , Black , Copper Brown , Green , Grey , Olive , Red , Wine  Extra bright Type 2 : Chartreuse , Gold , Hot Orange , Hot Yellow , Metallic Blue , Silver , White , Golden...

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