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Redington i.D


Redington i.D reels are an exciting new development featuring a flat back surface which accepts a range of decals , allowing the angler to customise their reel and the decals can be removed and...

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Redington Behemoth


Redington have thrown traditional fly reel design out the window , pushing the limits of design with the release of the Behemoth reel . Combining the most powerful drag in its class coupled with...

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Redington Dually Switch


  With the introduction of the new Dually collection from Redington , high performance Switch rod casting has just become a lot more affordable . Lightweight and lively way beyond their price...

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Redington iD Decals


Redington i.D Reel decals are available in three sizes and a range of designs to allow the angler to customise their i.D reel to their taste . The decals are removable to allow updating .

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Redington Run Fly Reel


The RUN fly reel was designed for the angler looking for a lightweight reel option with the stopping capabilities of a carbon fibre drag system. It’s durable, non-machinable die-cast aluminum...

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Redington Sonic Pro Waders


   Sonic Pro Waders are produced using high frequency sound waves to weld seams together , eliminating thousands of stitch holes and bulk found in traditional wader designs . Tough ,...

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Redington Zero


    Lightest reel in its class Un-machineable , unique die cast construction Super lightweight design with quick change spool Spring loaded clicker drag system Easy left to right...

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