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Varnish,Wax and Glue

Loon UV Nano Light


Small enough to carry in the field, yet powerful enough to use at the bench. The Nano light can be stored in a wader or shirt pocket for curing Loon’s UV Knot Sense or UV Wader Repair, but is also an excellent option as an economical light for...

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Gulff UV Resin


Gulff resin products are specially designed for the needs of fly tiers and can be used for almost anything .Quick to cure these clear and coloured resins are high-quality and guaranteed to be tack-free.  15ml per bottle

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Zap 5 Minute Epoxy


Quick setting clear epoxy adhesive suitable for many fly tying applications . Also great for rod repairs , ring attachment and coating whippings .

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Zap Brush On


Zap a Gap Brush On water resistant superglue is not only great for knotless leader and line connections , improving strength and smoothness but is an almost essential aid for many modern fly tying techniques . 

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Fly-Tyers Dyes


  Specially prepared dyes for feathers , fur, or any natural fly tying material . The most widely used dyes in the field of fly tying they are simple and clean to use . Full instructions included . 15g per pack  

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Veniard's Cellire Varnish


  Veniard's Cellire Varnish has been the industry standard head finish for many years . It quickly dries hard to give a great finish to your flies . Colours: Extra Clear Fine , Red , Black , Yellow Clear £1.90 Colours £2.25

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