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Vision Caribou Vest


This high quality vest , made from a durable and highly water resistant nylon outer material , is very well equipped , having a total of 19 cleverly positioned pockets all with high...

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Vision Deep


  Deep reels from Vision have a lot going for them and have been described as "a lot of reel for little money ". A reliable smooth disc drag with easy , accurate and smooth adjustment...

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Vision Folding Wading Staff


  This seven section wading staff is made of strong aluminium for all important reliability . Supplied in a convenient holster with belt loops , it straightens out automatically when...

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Vision Ikon Waders


 Ikon Waders Vision waders have a long and successful history and the Ikon is no exception with a proven record of reliability . Based on the legendary Extreme waders with improved attributes ,...

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Vision Ikon Zip Chest Waders


Based on Vision's legendaary Extreme waders , updated and improved , the Ikon Zip has a proven track record for durability and comfort . Fitted with high specification Riri Storm 10 waterproof...

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Vision Keeper Vest


  Comfortable mesh collar Mesh lining for comfort and durability 2 large front pockets with Velcro closure that fit big fly boxes 4 front pockets with Velcro closure for smaller boxes and...

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Vision Keeper Waders


  Our Price £149.99 plus free Keeper wading boots worth £79.99   The new Keeper wader by Vision is built using the experience of over a decade spent making...

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Vision Kura Wading Jacket


A simple and solid design , the Kura Wading Jacket is made using 3 layer F3.5 fabric , the same material Vision use for their waders . Fitted with two large and roomy front bellows pockets with two...

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Vision Nano Loops


  Being much more compact than most loops on the market , Nano Loops offer a very small and neat connection to your flyline . Made from Vision's proven Nanomono material they will not jam in...

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Vision Sade Wading Jacket


A serious jacket for serious anglers , the Vision Sade (Finnish for rain) jacket is designed to keep you comfortable and dry during a long days fishing . Four large front pockets...

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Vision Slim Fly Boxes


This range of quality fly boxes are made from durable and lightweight ABS plastic , featuring tight fitting lids , full length piano hinges , lanyard eyelets and easy to open recessed latches ...

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Vision Subzero Socks


These excellent knee high extra thick socks really help keep you warm when wading in cold water . Thanks to the Merino wool's great breathability and moisture permeability they can also be worn...

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Vision Switch Rod


  With the ability to cast like a double hander but fish like a single handed rod , Switch rods provide many of the benefits of both styles . In conjunction with modern salmon lines otherwise...

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Vision Tank 4


  Solid , reliable and with classic old school looks the Vision Tank has been specifically designed to be heavier than many modern salmon reels ,making easy work of balancing...

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Vision Tool


Newly updated and now fitted with top quality full cork handles , Vision Tool DH rods nevertheless still feature the original stealth matt black finish , exceptional reel seats and smooth , powerful...

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Vision Tube Fly Box


Quality tube fly boxes made from durable and lightweight ABS plastic , featuring tight fitting lids , full length piano hinges , lanyard eyelets and easy to open recessed latches . Decorated with a...

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