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Abu Garcia Droppen


When fishing small streams and rivers light and balanced tackle is often required. The Droppen fits into this category easily - it's low centre of gravity makes casting around small and intimate venues simple. Irrestible to all freshwater...

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Abu Garcia Toby


  Original Abu Garcia Toby , a true legendary lure . Made from quality components producing the wonderful deep diving action that is so effective for all predatory fish . Use with confidence in river , lake or sea in a wide range of conditions...

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Abu Garcia Zeppo Spoon


   A true classic lure available in tried and tested colours . It's unique shape gives a fantastic action in the water producing movement and vibrations guaranteed to induce attack from any predatory species .   Colours: Gold...

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Allcock Blair Spoon


A classic Scottish design which has provided great sport to salmon anglers over the years. The dimpled finish on this spoon catches the light very well reflecting sunlight in numerous directions. This sparkling effect coupled with the wide fluttering...

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Allcock Copper and Silver Spoon


  Made from solid copper these traditional spoons are nickel plated on the inside to give a really long lasting , hard wearing lure . A must have item in the tackle box , they are ideal for Trout , Sea-trout , Salmon and Pike .    Size...

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Allcock Floating Wooden Devon Minnow


  These traditional Allcock round bodied devons have proven to be a fantastic salmon lure due to the unique way in which they move in the water . Fished on a leader behind a weight , the free swimming action allows the lure to naturally fluctuate...

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Flying C

£2.99 £1.99

One of the most prolific of salmon and sea trout baits, as well as an all round bait for other predator fishing. Available in a wide range of weights and blade/body colour combinations suitable for most water conditions.  Made using only top quality...

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Mepps Aglia


  Mepps lures have been produced since 1938 and have acquired a reputation as the world's No.1 spinner . Built using quality components and using precision engineering technology to produce lures to cover all spinning situations . 60 degree...

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Mepps Comet


   Established in France in 1938 , Mepps have gained a reputation as the world's No.1 spinning lure . They are produced using precision engineering using high quality components and can be fished with confidence in any situation ...

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Rapala Countdown


Rapala Countdown is a slow sinking lure that allows the angler to fish at a controlled depth . A proven fish catcher , the slow and seductive rolling action can prove irresistible to all predatory fish . Colours  Blue , Brown Trout , Gold , Gold/Fl...

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Solvkroken Buch Special


The Solvkroken Buch Special has been a favourite lure of Salmon anglers worldwide for generations . The tried and trusted design works enticingly in a rivers currents and it is available in a range of great fish catching colours each with the famous...

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Stucki Special Spoon


The Stucki Special is a truly legendary lure , being a firm favoutite of many Trout and Salmon anglers for generations . The unusual coffin shaped profile gives the lure a unique swimming action in the water with added attraction and flash from the...

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