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As one of Northern Irelands longest esablished fly fishing tackle retailers, we have an extensive range of fly reels for all disciplines of fly fishing. We Stock every major manufacturer including Greys, Hardy, Vision, Redington & Wychwood. If you need any help or advice selecting the perfect fly rod or reel for you,

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Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reel


The Vision XLV NYMPH Fly Reel is narrow with an ultra-large arbour for quick line retrieve. It has a full body rim preventing thin nymph lines slipping and causing jams and is fitted with a proper disc brake system which has been modified...

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Vision Fisu


The well proven Fisu Fly Reel is surprisingly light for a full Aluminium reel in this price range. The mid-arbor format means plenty of room for backing while a smooth adjustable drag will come in handy when the big one gets hold. Easy right-left...

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Redington Run Fly Reel


The RUN fly reel was designed for the angler looking for a lightweight reel option with the stopping capabilities of a carbon fibre drag system. It’s durable, non-machinable die-cast aluminum construction features a unique ported arbor on the inner...

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Sage Spey Fly Reel


Classic aesthetics with modern performance. Drawing inspiration from the historic Sage 500 series reels, the Modern Classics collection introduces reels designed for the angler longing for a nod to the past. A romantic appeal to designs and colours that...

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Sage ESN Fly Reel


Carry at least two colours of sighter material in your pack? Know how much each of your flies weigh in grains? Take every opportunity to bend your buddies’ ear on silver vs copper bead colours or the latest version of a squirmy wormy fly? If these...

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Hardy Ultradisc


A light weight disc drag reel in its purest form, the all-new Ultradisc features everything you need and nothing you don’t in a disc drag fly reel. With an innovative frame design, this reel sets a new standard in lightweight...

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Hardy Ultraclick


The Ultraclick series is the lightest fly reel ever produced by Hardy setting a new standard in ultra light fly reels and is the ultimate series of reels for the light line aficionado . Featuring a fully enclosed line guard for use with ultra thin fly...

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Sage Spectrum C


The Spectrum C features a large arbor with rugged machined die-cast frame and generous concave vented spool. Equipped with the Spectrum Family One Revolution Sealed Carbon Drag and unexpected finishing touches like its fully machined drag knob and handle...

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Sage Spectrum


Modeled after the popular 4200 series, the fully machined Spectrum is a true large arbor performance fly reel. With concave spool surface, for optimal line capacity and drag-assisting smoothness, the Spectrum is lightweight, extremely durable, and packed...

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Sage Click


The Click Series reels are a performance and cosmetic upgrade from the original Click series. The enhanced Click features larger arbor diameters creating a larger palming area for fighting fish and quicker line retrieval while maintaining backing...

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Greys GX1000


The GX1000 is Greys' finest freshwater fly reel to date. With it's lightweight industrial design , full barstock 6061 construction and concealed disc drag system it is the flagship model of our high performance freshwater fly reels ...

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Redington Grande


The new REDINGTON GRANDE is a real heavyweight champion capable of dealing with any fish you hook . It is a fully anodized, machined aluminum reel that features our new sealed SUPER-TORQUE carbon drag system . After years of field testing, we bulked up...

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Vision Raven


  Vision Raven reels are produced from die-cast aluminium with a large arbour design and maximum ventilation making this reel lightweight and with a large capacity to hold plenty of backing. Fitted with a smooth disc brake with easy adjustment it...

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Redington iD Decals


Redington i.D Reel decals are available in three sizes and a range of designs to allow the angler to customise their i.D reel to their taste . The decals are removable to allow updating .

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Redington i.D


Redington i.D reels are an exciting new development featuring a flat back surface which accepts a range of decals , allowing the angler to customise their reel and the decals can be removed and swapped to update it's look . The reel is constructed from...

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Okuma Airframe

£24.99 £19.99

Great value , lightweight and reliable , the Okuma Airframe fly reels are built from strong Titanium reinforced graphite . The oversized disc drag , fitted with stainless steel and teflon discs is smooth and strong .    Large arbour...

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Scierra Track 1

£39.99 £29.99

Scierra Track fly reels are built using the latest machine cutting technology from one block of 6061 grade aluminium . Built to last they feature a strong and smooth drag system with a unique U shaped spool for increased line capacity and are available...

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Hardy Ultralite FWDD


With it's super smooth drag performance and low start up inertia , the Hardy FWDD sets new standards in ultra lightweight fly reel design . Built from bar stock aluminium in a Titanium finish and featuring weight reducing construction including a reduced...

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Hardy Cascapedia Salmon


 The stunning new Cascapedia displays perfectly the skill and attention to detail of the Hardy reel engineers at their factory in Alnwick , where they have been hand crafting fly reels for over 120 years . The Cascapedia Salmon reels feature a fully...

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Hardy Ultralite MTX


The Ultralite MTX is a stunning new fly reel design featuring a radical hybrid carbon and alloy main frame construction .Engineered to be strong and light with a high line capacity and fitted captive spool release . The disc drag system is carbon fibre...

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Greys GTS600


Newly introduced into the Greys stable is the GTS600 fly reel series . These are ultra lightweight fly reels , manufactured from full 6061 aluminium bar stock and featuring a Rulon disc drag system . Two sizes are available covering most trout fishing...

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Greys GTS300


Greys GTS300 is a die cast full aluminium fly reel that offers great value for money . Fitted with a Rulon disc drag it features great strength to weight ratio in large arbor design with easy left to right hand conversion and quick release spool ...

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Greys QRS


Greys QRS fly reels are a unique concept in cassette fly reel design , capable of holding 4 different line sizes .  Each reel is supplied with a total of 4 spools , 2 each of 2 different sizes which are locked in place using the QRS spool locking...

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Greys GTS900


A high specification fly reel for all forms of freshwater flyfishing . The GTS900 is Greys flagship model and is made with full bar stock construction . It is lightweight , but strength is not sacrificed . This along with high quality components and...

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Greys GTS800


The new Greys GTS800 is aimed at all freshwater fly fishing and utilises the most modern reel design which plants Greys firmly in the modern day fly anglers armoury . The reel is constructed of bar stock 6061 alumunium and features a Rulon disc drag...

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Hardy Marquis LWT


A re-modelled classic Hardy fly reel . The Marquis was a mainstay of the Hardy line-up for many years and this new edition features numerous improvements to the original including subtle updating of the classic styling with an indented regulator button ,...

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Hardy Ultralite ASR


The ultimate cassette system fly reel , the new  Hardy Ultralight ASR (Assisted Spool Release) reel features a fast , easy to use spool release system that actively frees the spool at the flick of a switch while automatically engaging the new spool...

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Redington Zero


    Lightest reel in its class Un-machineable , unique die cast construction Super lightweight design with quick change spool Spring loaded clicker drag system Easy left to right hand conversion Twin moulded soft touch ergonomic...

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Redington Behemoth


Redington have thrown traditional fly reel design out the window , pushing the limits of design with the release of the Behemoth reel . Combining the most powerful drag in its class coupled with un-machineable die-cast construction and field tested on...

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Greys GTS500


 New Now in stock    Greys new GTS500 fly reel is based on the design of the GTS700 range with the same great features . Featuring a full die-cast construction in large arbor format and supplied in a Neoprene reel case with 2...

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Vision Tank 4


  Solid , reliable and with classic old school looks the Vision Tank has been specifically designed to be heavier than many modern salmon reels ,making easy work of balancing double handed rods . Built from anodized high grade...

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