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Wing and Flash materials

TMC Aero Dry Wing Fine


A finer fibred version of the hugely popular Aero Dry Wing. The perfect material for tying wings and parachute posts on small delicate dry flies. Suited to tying dry flies smaller than a size 16 Water repellent Available in a wide range of colours.

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Flybox High-Definition Jungle Cock


High-Definition Jungle Cock is the next product in our H.D Series.   On these cards, 40x replica Jungle Cock eyes have been carefully shaped and printed with exact colour specifications.  Each eye is adhesive and peels off, just like our H...

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Semperfli Predator Fibres


Semperfli Predator Fibers come in a great colour range to match your baitfish and streamer patterns and have an incredible number of uses.They are not limited to large flies however , Predator Fibres work equally well as parachute posts, underwings on...

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TMC Aero Dry Wing


This higly popular water repellent material is the perfect material for wings and posts on dry fly patterns . Extremely lightweight and strong , it is available in a wide range of colours .    

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H2O Polar Fibre


  Super soft pre-tapered synthetic fur which can easily be marked with permanent markers Colours : Black , Chartreuse , Electric Yellow , Olive , Pink , Red , Sea Blue , Shrimp , White , Orange , Camel  

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H2O Fluoro Fibre


  Bright highly fluorescent microfibre material , which works well in either fresh or saltwater patterns . Colours: Chartreuse , Fl.Pink , Hot Orange , White , Sea Blue

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H2O Slinky Fibre


  Great for predator and saltwater patterns . Durable and does not hold water Colours :Black , Brown , Chartreuse , Orange , Pink , Red , Sea Blue , Shrimp , White , Yellow

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Mirror Flash


  Fine and flexible reflective flash material . Excellent for wings and tails it's fine diameter makes it suitable for a broad range of fly types and sizes . Colours: Blue , Orange , Peacock Black , Pearl , Red , Yellow  

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