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Cortland Hi-Vis Indicators


Cortland Hi-Vis orange / yellow strike indicators are easily attached and removed from your leader. Use the tooth pick to secure the indicator to the leader and for easy depth adjustment.   4 per pack

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Croston's Drop Back Bung


The drop back bung completely revolutionises small stillwater indicator fishing particularly on challenging days with light winds & pressured fish. At times an increase in hittable takes in the region of 40-60% over standard indicators, is possible...

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Doohickey Strike Indicator


A new and exciting attachment from Thingamabobbers with a unique way to attach to your leader. The locking mechanism keeps the indicator where you want it and adds a 90 degree option to your fishing. Easy to cast and buoyant. Available in Yellow, White,...

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Fulling Mill Tactical Sighter


Fulling Mill Tactical Sighters are the perfect addition to any Nymphing setup . Available in two different colours , the three-tone combination provides great visibility in a variety of light and background conditions . Fitted with in-built micro rings ,...

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Silverbrook Indicator


Silverbrook strike indicators are made from foam with a slit up the side to slip in your leader. Easily moved on the leader for accurate depth control. Multicolour packs contain 6 indicators.

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Loon Strike Out


Highly buoyant hi-viz synthetic yarn strike indicator which will float indefinitely . Supplied in a plastic dispenser tub in 30cm lengths . Colours  Yellow or Orange  

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Loon Biostrike


High floating ,  putty strike indicator . Biostrike is easy to mould onto the leader when warm and hardens in cold water . Easily removed and fully re-useable , the tub contains 50% pink and 50% yellow .

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Fish Pimp Strike Indicators


   Fish Pimp Indicators are easy to attach and can be fastened to the leader by one of three different methods , used for varying presentation techniques .   New patented design ; aerodynamically shaped for both forward and back...

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