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Shakespeare Oracle 2 EXP Salmon

£183.99 £149.99

This comprehensive range of salmon fly rods includes modern Scandinavian style actions in 6pc expedition versions. These rods display amazing quality, value and performance and will help to...

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Shakespeare Oracle 2 Switch Rod

£122.99 £99.99

  Based on the hugely popular and widely acclaimed Oracle Scandi Series the new Oracle 2 Switch rods are set to take the Salmon fishing world by storm . Designed in a four -piece configuration...

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Shakespeare Oracle Spey Rods

£119.99 £79.99

Continuing the famous Oracle legacy , this range of four rods feature more traditional spey actions and will create deep D loops for effortless casts . Designed primarily for spey lines they will...

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite


  Utilising the famous Howald process , this generation of the Ugly Stik has a lighter feel , better balance and improved components but with the same toughness as the original blank ...

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