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Semperfli Fly Clips


  Fly Clips Clips used to display your flies or allow to dry after applying varnish , these are superb and used by Professional Fly Tyers at exhbitions and shows. Pack of 10 clips 

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Semperfli Lure Wire


Semperfli Lure Tying Wire Our 0.2mm wire is non tarnishing and ideal for lures, streamers, salmon, saltwater and predator flies. Available in a range of colors to suit a multitude of patterns. Tie...

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Semperfli Pure Silk


Semperfli have designed their pure silk based on the chart from Edmunds and Lee with colours closely matched to the original , making it perfect for authentic North Country spider patterns . It...

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Semperfli Ultrafine Wire


Ultrafine Fly Tying Wire Semperfli  0.1mm wire is ultrafine , non tarnishing and because it is micro light can be used for even small dry flies.  Tie on and tie off with thread. Rather...

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