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Semperfli Cheeky UV


Originally developed as a material for buzzer cheeks , this thin UV plastic has turned out to be much more than that .  Great when used as a tinsel body wrap for completely vibrant fluorescent...

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Semperfli Floss


Semperfli Floss is a traditional Polyester based floss , making it ideal for great traditional bodies , or you can use it as a thicker head colour. Thickness - 400 Denier Length per Spool - 50...

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Semperfli Kapok Dubbing


Kapok is the ultimate in dry fly dubbing . Beautifully fine and highly buoyant thanks to the natural hollow fibre it will help your dry flies float better than any other natural dubbing.

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Semperfli Medium Wire


Semperfli Medium Tying Wire Our 0.2mm wire is non tarnishing and ideal for wet flies , lures, streamers, salmon, saltwater and predator flies. Available in a range of colors to suit a multitude of...

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Semperfli Nano Silk Pro 20D


Possibly the worlds strongest fly tying silk for its diameter. The Nano Silk Ultra is ideal for flies sizes 18 and smaller. And you can still split it down further or use it to tie dubbing loops...

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Semperfli Perfect Quills


Amazing tapered synthetic quills, these form the most amazing bodies on flies, from nymphs, shrimps, wets and dry flies. Totally synthetic Perfect Quills are made from a thin tapered vinyl from a...

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Semperfli Predator Fibres


Semperfli Predator Fibers come in a great colour range to match your baitfish and streamer patterns and have an incredible number of uses.They are not limited to large flies however , Predator Fibres...

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Semperfli Pure Silk


Semperfli have designed their pure silk based on the chart from Edmunds and Lee with colours closely matched to the original , making it perfect for authentic North Country spider patterns . It...

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Semperfli Spool Rack


This is a great little storage system to have on your tying desk , they are superb, storing 32 spools on 4 tiers making it so simple to store and use spools of thread . Not only that , it takes up...

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Semperfli Straggle Legs


Called by Paul Procter as "Sex on a Spool", this will make the most fantastic insect legs on dries and wets. Longer stranded and more widely spaced fibres make this very different from Straggle...

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Semperfli Ultrafine Wire


Ultrafine Fly Tying Wire Semperfli  0.1mm wire is ultrafine , non tarnishing and because it is micro light can be used for even small dry flies.  Tie on and tie off with thread. Rather...

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