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Varnish,Wax and Glue

Fly-Tyers Dyes


  Specially prepared dyes for feathers , fur, or any natural fly tying material . The most widely used dyes in the field of fly tying they are simple and clean to use . Full instructions included . 15g per pack  

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Loon Hard Head


  Builds hard glossy fly heads . Fast drying and can be used as an alternative to epoxy . Supplied with an applicator brush Colours: Clear , Black , Red

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Veniard's Cellire Varnish


  Veniard's Cellire Varnish has been the industry standard head finish for many years . It quickly dries hard to give a great finish to your flies . Colours: Extra Clear Fine , Red , Black , Yellow Clear £1.90 Colours £2.25

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