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Spinning and Bait Accessories

Allcock Baitholder


  A precisely designed Trout & Salmon bait hook with superb holding strength. The Micro barbed shank of the hook prevents worms from sliding and maintains good bait presentation. Bronze Bait Holder, straight eye. 10 Hooks per Pack Straight...

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Owner Stinger Treble


  Regarded by many as the best treble on the market , the Stinger is super strong and super sharp with a needle point for instant hook set . The narrow eye version is most suited as a tube fly treble and for shrimp/prawn baits . Black Chrome...

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Cox and Rawle Uptide Extra


Features Heavy wire for extra strength Forged and chemically sharpened Shorter shank length for hard fighting fish Wide gape Black nickel finish   Strong and sharp hook well suited to shrimp and prawn fishing . Black nickel finish and...

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Kamasan B980


  Strong eyed specimen hook in a bronze finish . Small barb and sharp reversed point make this an excellent hooker suitable for all forms of fishing . Sizes : 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12 , 14 10 hooks per pack

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Rovex Bouncing Betty


  Also known as Jumping Jacks these little devices are excellent for bait fishing allowing the bait to fish deeply whilst minimising the chances of snagging on rocky river beds . Available : 10g , 20g , 30g 1 per pack

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