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Fly Fishing

We stock a wide range of fly fishing tackle with everything you could need , whether beginner or seasoned expert . As keen fly fishers ourselves we test and use our products extensively and know you can trust them to do exactly what they are designed to do . Wherever you fish, on river and stream, on lake, lough or reservoir, whether trying to outwit wily brownies , casting to cruising rainbows or delivering a perfect speycast to majestic salmon and sea-trout we have fly fishing tackle to help you achieve your goals.

Agility Rise Fly Rods


This range of light line / small stream rods draws inspiration from traditional fly rod design . The benefits of modern blank production processes are clearly evident however, producing extremely lightweight and good looking rods with a...

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Airflo Polyleaders


The addition of a polyleader to the tip of your line provides a smooth transfer of energy from the flyline and greatly aids turnover of leader and fly.In addition the variety of lengths and densities available provides an effective solution for depth...

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Blackridge Braided Mono Backing


Blackridge Braided mono is made from a very hard braided mono that has amazing shooting characteristics. The hollow weave construction enables super-glue splices and the material can also be used for forming braided loops. Available in a choice of black...

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C&F 1506 Fly Case


  C&F Design compact fly case . Made from lightweight and rigid ABS plastic with curved edges and recessed catch this case slips easily into shirt or vest pockets . 6 pockets of slit foam in base and lid , designed to hold small flies ...

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C&F 1506F Fly Case


  Large capacity fly case featuring C&F design 6 pocket slit foam in base , lid and flip panel . Designed to hold flies size 14 , 16 & 18 .            

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C&F 2577 Fly Case


  C&F Design medium size fly case with a fully waterproof seal , full length heavy duty catch and stainless steel hinges . 7 rows of slit foam in lid and base to hold small flies .   Size : 6"x4.25"x1.7"      

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Cortland 444 Blue Intermediate Flyline


   A favourite of many experienced anglers , the 444 Blue Intermediate is a slow sinking flyline ideal for searching the upper layers while fishing buzzers or nymphs . With its thin diameter it cuts easily through wind and provides positive...

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Cortland 444 Classic Sink Tip Flyline

£49.99 £39.99

  Cortland's 444 Classic Sink Tip Flyline features a 10 ft fast sinking ( Type 3 ) sink tip . Ideal for fishing in deeper water and faster currents it is very popular with sea-trout and salmon anglers . The supple and smooth finish of the floating...

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Cortland 444 Peach Floating Flyline

£55.99 £49.99

  An all time classic , the Cortland 444 Peach floater has been voted flyline of the millennium by readers of Trout and Salmon and Trout Fisherman magazines . For over 50 years the 444 peachy has set the standard for durability and allround...

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Fly Line Winder


  With it's sturdy table clamp and smooth open/close mechanism , this fly line winder is the best way to load or unload lines on fly reels . Lines can be changed quickly and easily without tangles and line twist . A really useful tool for...

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Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon


  Tried and tested , World Class Fluorocarbon is strong ,tough and reliable . A best seller and extremely good value for money it has excellent knot strength and is resistant to abrasion . Favoured by many top anglers for its consistent...

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FX slit foam fly box

£7.99 £4.99

Made from strong but lightweight high impact plastic , these slim fly boxes fit easily in a jacket or vest pocket . Fitted with EVA slit foam with capacity for up to 336 flies and available in a range of colours which makes selection of the correct...

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Grand Max Fluorocarbon


  Superb quality and produced using 100% pure fluorocarbon , Grand Max is the top specification leader material from the Riverge brand . Used extensively by competition anglers , it has the highest breaking strain to diameter ratio...

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Greys GR20


Greys GR20 fly rods are built using intermediate modulus carbon blanks and have a smooth and forgiving medium action . Top quality fittings are used throughout with AAA grade cork handles and saltwater safe reel seats on all models ...

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Greys GR40


With it's medium fast action The GR40 range is a step towards the faster action Greys rods while retaining user friendly attributes . Finished in a classy black with gold trim the blanks are built from high intermediate modulus carbon . The full range of...

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Greys GR50

£159.99 £79.99

New from Greys the GR50 is a light , fast recovering and thoroughly modern performance fly rod . With stylish good looks thanks to its non-flash ice grey matt finish it has a very nice handle and feels noticeably light and well balanced ...

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Greys GR60


Features TOREON nano composite technology used in blank construction Two tone anodised aluminium reel seat with woven carbon spacer AAA grade cork grips with composite cork tippings Stealthy black satin blank finish  Rod ID line up marks 4...

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Greys GR70


Features High modulus carbon 2 part skeletal reel seat with woven carbon spacer 4 piece construction AAA cork with composite tips Line up markers Triangular hard cordura tube    GR70 are Greys new top level rod series featuring a...

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Greys GR70 Double Handed


GR70 is Greys flagship fly rod range . With their fast action blanks these rods have been designed to handle all conditions for the salmon angler. High Modulus carbon 4 piece construction 2 part skeletal reel seat with Carbon woven...

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Greys GR70 Streamflex


Designed with light lines in mind and as the name suggests primarily  aimed at river anglers , Greys new GR70 Streamflex is never the less equally at home on stillwater when light line presentation techniques are called for. Longer light line...

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Greys GRC Light Combo


Designed with care , the new Greys GRC combo removes the guesswork providing a perfectly matched outfit , allowing you to get on with the job of enjoying your fishing . Available in 9' #5 and 9' #6 models . 9' fly rod Moderate action blank GTS300...

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Greys GRC Power Combo


Designed with care , the new Greys GRC combo removes the guesswork providing a perfectly matched outfit , allowing you to get on with the job of enjoying your fishing . 9'6" fly rod Powerful fast action blank QRS 7/8 cassette fly reel with 2...

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Greys GS Flat Foam Fly Box


Large capacity flat foam fly box with free swinging centre leaf . Suitable for larger patterns like salmon flies , saltwater or predator patterns and also as a large capacity general fly box for regular trout flies . 19 x 11 x 4.5 cm Colour Black

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Greys GS Fly Boxes


These well made lightweight fly boxes in strong ABS plastic are ideal for the angler who wants to carry a large number of flies but not necessarily a number of boxes.The medium size holds almost 400 flies and the large box in excess of 450 , thanks to...

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Greys GS Small Slot Fly Box


Large capacity slotted foam fly box with free swinging centre leaf suitable for small nymph and dry fly patterns . The extra depth ensures dry fly hackles do not get squashed and is capable of holding 750+ flies .  19 x 11 x 4.5 cm Colour...

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Greys GTS300


Greys GTS300 is a die cast full aluminium fly reel that offers great value for money . Fitted with a Rulon disc drag it features great strength to weight ratio in large arbor design with easy left to right hand conversion and quick release spool ...

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Greys GTS500


 New Now in stock    Greys new GTS500 fly reel is based on the design of the GTS700 range with the same great features . Featuring a full die-cast construction in large arbor format and supplied in a Neoprene reel case with 2...

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Greys GTS600


Newly introduced into the Greys stable is the GTS600 fly reel series . These are ultra lightweight fly reels , manufactured from full 6061 aluminium bar stock and featuring a Rulon disc drag system . Two sizes are available covering most trout fishing...

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