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Amadou Patch


  Amadou is a rare natural fungus with amazing absorbent properties . Dries out saturated flies without causing damage . Supplied in a leather holder fitted with a D ring .

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Fish Pimp Strike Indicators


   Fish Pimp Indicators are easy to attach and can be fastened to the leader by one of three different methods , used for varying presentation techniques .   New patented design ; aerodynamically shaped for both forward and back...

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Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor


Featuring a patented push-button locking pin mount, this retractor swivels 360 degrees so it is always facing in the right direction when you use it.The body is made from anodized aluminium in an assortment of colours and the retractor coil is of...

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Fishpond Pitchfork Aluminiun Clipper


One of the most often used tools by every angler, the humble clipper has been given a radical makeover with this patented design from Fishpond.Featuring an aerospace grade aluminium body available in assorted colours they are fitted with stainless...

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Gehrke's Gink


Now almost the industry standard floatant it has become virtually a generic phrase to say your fly is "ginked" up.   Easy to apply Gel formula limits waste No need to wait until dry One dab keeps fly floating high  

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Gehrke's Knot Perfect


Applying one drop of Knot Perfect before tightening will remove any slack from the knot , making it smaller , stronger and eliminating slippage which is the greatest cause of knot failure .

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Does exactly as it says..... it sinks leaders and aids presentation by removing leader shine.Comes in a handy tub. 

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Loon Aquel


Simple to apply and with no slick this high floating and long lasting gel is very temperature stable and contains odour masking pheramones.

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Loon Biostrike


High floating ,  putty strike indicator . Biostrike is easy to mould onto the leader when warm and hardens in cold water . Easily removed and fully re-useable , the tub contains 50% pink and 50% yellow .

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Loon Deep Soft Weight


User friendly alternative to adding split shot to the leader.Non-toxic tungsten putty softens in the hand and can be applied to leader in any position or shape suitable for achieving the desired method of presentation.Hardens in contact with cold...

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Loon Line Speed


We all know that we should look after our lines better.Treated with Line Speed they will shoot further and last a lot longer.Containing cleaners,conditioners and sunscreen to protect from UV rays. 

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Loon Lochsa


Lochsa is Loon's best ever gel floatant and provides maximun flotation without matting flies . It is perfect for use on any material including CDC and is temperature stable so will not melt in heat or harden when cold .

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Loon Medium Caddy


Nylon webbing floatant container holder with elastic retainer strap and D ring clip .  Holds 1 container ( Top Ride or Blue Ribbon type )

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Loon Rogue Mitten Scissor Clamp


Made of the highest quality surgical steel, they are precise enough to use year ’round, but especially useful while wearing gloves or mittens. Mitten Clamps are open and closed with the same squeezing motion, making clipping them to a pack or vest...

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Loon Rogue Nippers


Surgical quality stainless steel blades  Stealthy matte black rust resistant finish Double dipped comfy grip for extra tackiness and comfort Straight cutting surface Chain attachment Eye cleaning needle located in handle

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