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Vision Power Nipper


Wide cutting blades and bigger press area allows you to cut even the thickest fluorocarbons with ease. Included is a side recessed pin for hook eye cleaning .

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Vision Roto Zinger


Finally zingers that work better and never easily loosen. The Roto model has a super strong pin and to avoid stress it also rotates. All zingers have durable nylon wires with a safety locking tool clip.

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Loon Ergo Quick Release


The Loon Ergo Quick Release tool is a great way to prevent unnecessary harm to fish. Perfect angles and rounded edges make this tool easy on fish and anglers. The ergonomic handle is comfortable in hand, and the versatile size is compatible with a wide...

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Fulling Mill Tactical Sighter


Fulling Mill Tactical Sighters are the perfect addition to any Nymphing setup . Available in two different colours , the three-tone combination provides great visibility in a variety of light and background conditions . Fitted with in-built micro rings ,...

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Loon Classic Nipper


Made with surgical quality steel and covered with comfy grip, these nippers are the perfect blend of comfort and performance. They include a straight cutting surface, an eye clearing needle and iconic Loon yellow comfy grip handles that improve grip,...

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Profil Priest


Convenient Priest suitable for use with Trout and Salmon  Soft touch EVA handle Free lanyard included Quick and easy to use

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Scierra Hit Man Priest


One of the most popular and convenient ways to dispatch your catch is with the use of a priest. The Scierra extendable pocket-sized “Hit Man” priest is made of stainless steel including a practical wrist strap and is perfect for the...

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Silverbrook Indicator


Silverbrook strike indicators are made from foam with a slit up the side to slip in your leader. Easily moved on the leader for accurate depth control. Multicolour packs contain 6 indicators.

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Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone


The Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone ensures a perfectly sharp hook every time . One side is serrated for larger hooks , the other side smoother for smaller sizes and finer hooks .

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Loon Rogue Mitten Scissor Clamp


Made of the highest quality surgical steel, they are precise enough to use year ’round, but especially useful while wearing gloves or mittens. Mitten Clamps are open and closed with the same squeezing motion, making clipping them to a pack or vest...

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Loon Strike Out


Highly buoyant hi-viz synthetic yarn strike indicator which will float indefinitely . Supplied in a plastic dispenser tub in 30cm lengths . Colours  Yellow or Orange  

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Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps


Top quality , strong and durable forceps with sharp cutting blade . Made from surgical grade stainless steel with comfy grip handles . 5.5" long Stealthy matt black rust-resistant finish Double dipped comfy grip for comfort and extra...

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Loon Rogue Quickdraw Forceps


These thoughtfully designed forceps have been engineered to a high standard from surgical grade stainless steel . They will accommodate all fly sizes and allow for easy hook removal . Oversized thumb and finger holes make use simple even in cold...

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Loon Rogue Nippers


Surgical quality stainless steel blades  Stealthy matte black rust resistant finish Double dipped comfy grip for extra tackiness and comfort Straight cutting surface Chain attachment Eye cleaning needle located in handle

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Loon Lochsa


Lochsa is Loon's best ever gel floatant and provides maximun flotation without matting flies . It is perfect for use on any material including CDC and is temperature stable so will not melt in heat or harden when cold .

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Loon Medium Caddy


Nylon webbing floatant container holder with elastic retainer strap and D ring clip .  Holds 1 container ( Top Ride or Blue Ribbon type )

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Loon Biostrike


High floating ,  putty strike indicator . Biostrike is easy to mould onto the leader when warm and hardens in cold water . Easily removed and fully re-useable , the tub contains 50% pink and 50% yellow .

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McLean Magnetic Net Release


Super strong Magnetic Net Release from McLean of New Zealand . At around 50% stronger than most other magnetic net release systems it is capable of holding a static weight of 4.7kg . Built using strong anodised aluminium and supplied with 2 cable tie...

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Amadou Patch


  Amadou is a rare natural fungus with amazing absorbent properties . Dries out saturated flies without causing damage . Supplied in a leather holder fitted with a D ring .

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Fish Pimp Strike Indicators


   Fish Pimp Indicators are easy to attach and can be fastened to the leader by one of three different methods , used for varying presentation techniques .   New patented design ; aerodynamically shaped for both forward and back...

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Hardy Combo Tool


  High quality heat treated stainless steel Combination knot tyer , line snips , hook eye cleaner and hook sharpener all in one sturdy package .

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